Why are there so many weird and inappropriate science fiction and fantasy toys?

The toy world is full of epic miscalculations. There are so many squicky, inappropriate action figures and other toys, after a while you start to wonder if the toy industry is some sort of bizarre joke. Who signed off on the masturbating Batman doll, or the Wolverine toy with the blow-up nozzle in Logan's crotch? » 10/08/12 2:00pm 10/08/12 2:00pm

Introducing The New Space Sensation Of Tomorrow

We may know him as someone who lives in a pineapple under the sea, but that doesn't mean that Spongebob Squarepants » 11/03/08 11:40am 11/03/08 11:40am can't try out a new home every now and again - say, perhaps, in outer space? Cartooning genius Roger Langridge has been clearing out his virtual cupboard and has uncovered this little-seen official…