Everybody Loves Sporn

Aww thanks, Independent Film Channel, for talking about io9 in your video segment about Sporn, the term for oddly-genitaled beings made using the "creature creator" editor that goes with EA/Maxis' forthcoming evolution game Spore. Though io9 did make a music video devoted to Sporn, we have to admit shamefacedly that we… » 6/30/08 1:30pm 6/30/08 1:30pm

Cool and Crap Awards of the Week

At least two things happened last week in the worlds of science fiction and science. One was cool and the other was crap.

Coolest way to generate new technologies for colonizing the solar system while also demonstrating once again that China and India represent the future of the world: Last week, India's Chief of… » 6/21/08 2:49pm 6/21/08 2:49pm