This Mission: Impossible 5 Trailer Is As Ridiculous As It Needs To Be

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, a.k.a. Tom Cruise's excuse to feel again, has released a big, bombastic trailer. And excuse me, but is that a GUN FLUTE? » 3/23/15 10:15am 3/23/15 10:15am

The Most Fascinating Spy Gear From The Spy Museum's Archives

To celebrate all things espionage, Washington, DC's very own International Spy Museum has rounded up their collection of completely wicked spy gadgetry and goodies. Behold the wonders of the pigeon cam! » 2/11/15 2:20pm 2/11/15 2:20pm

Why 2015 Is The Year Of The Spy

Spies are everywhere in pop culture right now, including tons of spy movies and TV shows. So why are we so obsessed with secret-agent madness? Is it nostalgia, or a reflection of new, real-life preoccupations? Here are all the reasons why 2015 is the year of the spy. » 2/10/15 1:00pm 2/10/15 1:00pm

First Kingsman Clip Shows Off The Good Gadgets

The best part about Kingsman: The Secret Service is the gleeful way it points the espionage thrillers back towards fun, and silly ideas, and GADGETS! Here is the first-ever clip from Matthew Vaughn's new spy movie. » 1/13/15 4:40pm 1/13/15 4:40pm

Red-Band Spy Trailer Is Full Of Swearing And Shenanigans 

Surprise! Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) and Melissa McCarthy made a spy movie called… Spy. The espionage comedy stars McCarthy as the new secret agent who runs with a gang to people who like to cuss and shoot guns. Take a look at the first footage: » 1/13/15 8:40am 1/13/15 8:40am

British intelligence investigated whether Charlie Chaplin was a secret…

Here's a curious tidbit from spy history: in the 1950s, American intelligence asked Britain's MI5 to investigate the actor Charlie Chaplin on suspicions that Chaplin was a dangerous communist. But the intelligence agencies were unable to confirm that Chaplin was born in England, leading to an investigation into… » 2/19/12 10:00am 2/19/12 10:00am

The Indian James Bond speaks in indecipherable code 24/7

These Indian James Bond comics are devoid of context and proper translation, but they're better that way. After all, it's a spy's job to act mysterious, and I honestly have no idea what the hell's going on here. Semi-NSFW. » 8/17/10 4:10pm 8/17/10 4:10pm

Archer: There aren’t enough synonyms for "sex-crazed"

We've seen "Swiss Miss," the first episode of Season 2 of Archer and it's just as raunchy, violent, and hilarious as ever. Maybe more. » 7/25/10 2:30pm 7/25/10 2:30pm

Spy Robot Ready to Invade Your Home

In the realm of privacy-ending products, spy cameras leave a lot to be desired. Stationary cameras and nanny cams offer a limited view or a room, and strapping a camera to your Roomba is bound to give you motion sickness. Enter the ROVIO, a mobile home surveillance and telepresence robot. Click through to see this… » 10/05/08 9:00am 10/05/08 9:00am

Watch Out for Spy Satellite Debris Raining from the Sky

A bus-sized spy satellite, made by and for the U.S., has lost power and will crash down on Earth as early as February. Apparently, nobody knows if the satellite has been dead for a year or just a few days. (Great going, intelligence geeks.) The best part? According to AP, the only comment the National Security Council… » 1/28/08 11:40am 1/28/08 11:40am

SpY's Android Sculptures Do Everyday Human Things

Bronze sculptures can be so boring. That's why Spanish street sculptor SpY—who became famous as a graffiti artist in the 80s—re-imagines them as offbeat androids doing ordinary human things. Here you can see his robotic officer sweeping the street, and below there's a bot with a gas mask reading the morning paper,… » 1/22/08 4:00pm 1/22/08 4:00pm

Miniature Military Spyplanes Know How to Recharge Themselves

The U.S. military is working on a series of miniature spyplanes that will perch on power lines and suck down juice when their batteries get low. Just be prepared when the sentient battlecruisers start rolling down your streets at night and sipping from your gas tanks while you sleep. » 12/20/07 7:45am 12/20/07 7:45am

A Field Guide To Catching Up On Chuck

NBC's Chuck » 11/26/07 7:00pm 11/26/07 7:00pm, better known as "The Show That Comes On Before " on Monday nights has just gotten an order for a full season from the network. That is, if the writer's strike ever comes to an end. So what is this show all about? Check out our handy guide to meet the characters and major plot lines, and catch-up with…