Hit Movies That Everybody Thinks Were Flops

The history of genre movies is littered with massive, lavish failures — movies that took hundreds of millions of dollars and tossed the money down a sinkhole. But some of the movies that everybody "knows" were box office disasters actually did really well, when you look at the numbers. » 1/05/12 9:00am 1/05/12 9:00am

Spy Kids 4 is the 21st century equivalent of The Children's Crusade

Despite my elementary school diploma, I loved Spy Kids: All the Time in the World. Why? It's a chilling examination of an alternate reality in which children have become fellow travelers in global espionage, a parallel universe where Langley is run like Willy Wonka's candy-colored calorie mill. Like Ender's Game mixed… » 8/20/11 12:25pm 8/20/11 12:25pm

Spy Kids 4 stinks — no really, you can smell this movie

The 4th addition to the Spy Kids franchise is trotting out smell-o-vision, as this totally insane trailer shows off. Now when a character says, "what's that smell?" you too can experience the putrid stench with your aromacard. » 7/01/11 4:30pm 7/01/11 4:30pm

Robert Rodriguez releases Spy Kids 4 trailer, now with more Ricky…

The Spy Kids movie series has dodged a bullet. How do you make a movie about Spy Kids when the original tykes are in their 20s? Simple, reboot the whole thing with Jessica Alba and throw in a talking dog! » 5/31/11 1:46pm 5/31/11 1:46pm

You'll never guess who's in The Avengers, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Hunger…

Spoilergeddon! New Dark Knight Rises set photos may confirm a key plot point, and the Avengers cast may have just gotten bigger. Stanley Tucci joins The Hunger Games and a Sons of Anarchy star joins Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim. » 5/10/11 6:00am 5/10/11 6:00am

More hints at the link. []

28 Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies That Could Rock Your Summer

Could this be the biggest movie summer of all time? It's sure looking like it. Almost every weekend features at least one, and maybe two or three, movies with a science fiction, fantasy or comics pedigree. » 4/18/11 2:14pm 4/18/11 2:14pm

55 Science Fiction/Fantasy Movies to Watch Out For in 2011

Could this be the biggest year ever for fantastical movies? It certainly looks like it. The calendar is bursting with films about aliens, weird creatures, superheroes and magical worlds. Here's our complete guide to 2011's science fiction and fantasy films. » 1/05/11 12:00pm 1/05/11 12:00pm

Peter Jackson wants to make dwarves sexy, Deadpool may have its…

Peter Jackson offers some insight into The Hobbit's dwarven heartthrobs. Deadpool may have its director, another Spider-man role's up for recasting, and Noomi Rapace talks Alien and Sherlock Holmes. Plus, more on Megamind, Ouija, Transformers 3, Supernatural, SGU, and Smallville. » 10/28/10 6:00am 10/28/10 6:00am

The Single Most Realistic Depiction Of Cyberspace Everting

Somehow in our write-up of lame video games » 9/23/08 6:12pm 9/23/08 6:12pm you see people playing in science fiction, we neglected the fantastic , which you really have to be five years old, or on five kinds of drugs, to appreciate. Sylvester Stallone is the toymaker, who's created a really cheesy looking virtual reality 3-D game involving laser…

Gay Crazy Alien Mutant Posterboy

Watching Alan Cumming unzip his head of cutsey braids as the "Scarecrow" in the SciFi Channel's Tin Man last night reminded me of another role he played as Nightcrawler, the crazy blue mutant from X-Men 2 . . . and another role as a freaky god named Loki in Son of the Mask. He's always this ambiguously gay elfish… » 12/03/07 11:30am 12/03/07 11:30am