Final Fantasy Designer's Alternative Catwoman Continues To Look Insane

When he wasn’t busy adding a hojillion extra arms to Batman, esteemed Final Fantasy director and character designer Tetsuya Nomura lent his own particular brand of insanity to Play Arts Kai’s variant Catwoman. Now we’ve got an even better look at the figure, and it’s still ridiculous in all the right ways. WHIP TAIL! »6/24/15 11:11am6/24/15 11:11am

This Japanese Darth Maul Figure Looks Totally Badass

Between spiky Thors and scary Predators, there’s been quite a few reveals for Square-Enix’s Play Arts Kai line recently — but that’s not stopped them from lifting the lid on their latest Star Wars toy today. Although this Darth Maul isn’t as wacky as Play Arts Kai at it’s best, it looks absolutely awesome. »5/25/15 3:54pm5/25/15 3:54pm

A Closer Look At The Madness That Is The Final Fantasy-Style Batman Toy

Last year we got our first glimpses at the sheer insanity of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts designer Tetsuya Nomura’s take on Gotham’s Dark Knight for the Play Arts Kai Variant Series. But now Square-Enix have revealed an even better look at the wings, claws, and power armour of this truly bizarre Batman. »5/13/15 5:20pm5/13/15 5:20pm

Harley Quinn Goes A Bit Lolita In This Arkham Knight Action Figure

The harlequin suit is out, and the skirts are in, as Play Arts Kai’s Arkham Knight turns its attention away from cape-swooshing Batmen and introduces Harley Quinn’s latest look. And it seems like Square-Enix have also managed to put the plastic in “plastic surgery” a bit literally while they’re at it, too. »5/05/15 2:02am5/05/15 2:02am

Play Arts Kai's New Spider-Man Figure Has The Most Pointless Armor Ever

We got some great looks at what’s coming in the Play Arts Kai Marvel series at Toy Fair earlier this year, but Square-Enix have released a closer look at their take on the webslinger — and while he looks pretty smashing, he also seems to have the most pointless bits of extra armour Spider-Man could ever want. »5/01/15 12:00am5/01/15 12:00am

Closer Look At Play Arts Kai's New Batman Reveals The Swishiest Bat-Cape

Last week we got a few teaser images for Play Arts Kai's latest Batman figure, and while it wasn't up to the usual craziness levels we've come to expect from Square-Enix, it looks great. However, new pictures reveals there is one, slightly kooky and fun aspect to the toy: a rotatable cape for maximum swooshiness. »3/23/15 2:30pm3/23/15 2:30pm

The Latest Play Arts Kai Batman Might Not Be Crazy, But He Looks Great

Part of what makes Square-Enix's Play Arts Kai line great is its willingness to go completely insane when it comes to creating a variant for a figure — especially for their Batman figures. But sometimes they don't need to rely on batshit insanity for a good figure. Sometimes it just needs to look fantastic. »3/18/15 5:57pm3/18/15 5:57pm

Holy Shit I Just Played Final Fantasy XV

I just spent two hours playing Final Fantasy XV, which I can confirm is a real video game that actually exists. The good news: it's brilliant in a lot of ways, and from what I've played so far, it really does feel like a Final Fantasy game. The bad news? Well, it's got some serious technical issues, and I'm worried… »3/09/15 1:53pm3/09/15 1:53pm

The Marvel Play Arts Figures Are Great, But Nowhere Near Crazy Enough

Ever since Square-Enix announced they'd gotten the Marvel license for their Play Arts Kai Variants line, I've been looking forward to what ridiculous designs they would create for Marvel's finest heroes. But a few new figures were at Toy Fair, and while they're cool, they're lacking the wonderful absurdity. »2/16/15 6:40pm2/16/15 6:40pm

This Wild West Batman Figure Is The Perfect Amount Of Stupid Brilliance

Now this is more like it! Earlier this week, Square-Enix unveiled their rather restrained (well, for them) take on Iron Man for their Play Arts Kai Variant line, and I lamented the lack of their usual reckless abandon. They're making up for it in the best way though with this ridiculous, wonderful Cowboy Batman. »2/04/15 5:20pm2/04/15 5:20pm