The First Avatar Cirque du Soleil Photos Will Haunt Your Dreams

Remember Avatar? That 3D, James Cameron movie that’s still the highest grossing film of all-time yet no one talks about it? Well, last year, it was announced the masters of acrobatic spectacle at Cirque du Soleil would be turning the James Cameron flick into a brand new show. Here’s our first look at what it’ll look… »11/04/15 4:00pm11/04/15 4:00pm


Robots On The Sun Team Up With Clones On The Moon — On Stage!

Why aren't there more science fiction stage plays? Is it the difficulty of doing special effects on stage, or the feeling that SF isn't serious enough for a Tennessee Williams-esque drama? Discover Magazine »10/09/08 6:40pm10/09/08 6:40pm's Science Not Fiction wants to know. But actually, it's not strictly true that the proscenium is a scifi-free…