The Stand Is Going to Be Four Movies

After Stephen King said not to count on The Stand being only one film, writer-director Josh Boone confirms that it won't. It's going to be four. » 11/21/14 3:00am 11/21/14 3:00am

The Stand Might Be Split Into Two Films, Which Would Be For The Best

Stephen King just revealed that the movie adaptation of his classic post-apocalyptic book The Stand may be split into two different movies. And if you're read the work, you know that's probably a good thing. » 10/07/14 3:50pm 10/07/14 3:50pm

Another Crazy Star Wars Rumor! Plus Did The Stand Movie Find Its Star?

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How Will The Scarlet Witch And Quicksilver Mess With The Avengers?

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John Hodgman explains the end of the world to you

John Hodgman is the world's foremost expert on all things canny and uncanny, and everything in between. And today marks the release of Ragnarok, his one-hour comedy special about the apocalypse, via Netflix. To celebrate, we talked to him about the meaning of apocalyptic stories, and why he doesn't love zombies. » 6/20/13 12:46pm 6/20/13 12:46pm

Revolution is a lot more interesting now that it's a show about an arms…

Revolution started out as a show about America becoming a third-world country. And last night's episode showed what happens when someone gets first-world weapons. The result is sort of like the Star Trek episode where Kirk and the Klingons start giving people flintlocks. Spoilers ahead... » 3/26/13 12:52pm 3/26/13 12:52pm

Someone actually sounds like they have a legitimate shot at directing …

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