10 Great Authors Who Disowned Their Own Books

Science fiction and fantasy publishing is a tough game. Even the best novels get rejected by publishers who don't understand their brave new worlds. But some authors wind up rejecting their own books. Here are 10 great authors who disowned their own creations after they'd already seen the light of day. »5/05/14 1:22pm5/05/14 1:22pm

Science Fiction and Fantasy Creators Who Became Their Own Genres

Some people don't just create new worlds and super-memorable characters — they give life to their own genres. There are some creators of fantastical stories whose work is so distinctive, you have a pretty good sense what's going to happen when you pick up their work — and you're excited, because it's going to be a… »4/18/12 12:00pm4/18/12 12:00pm

Some Excellent Recommendations for 1960s Science Fiction Books Everyone Should Read

Our favorite meme today is the one where people list their top 11 science fiction novels from the 1960s. It started over on Science Fiction Ruminations and then spread to Yellow and Creased. And there are some great, great recommendations in there. I'm struck by the diversity, with the two lists I've seen thus far… »4/09/12 5:40pm4/09/12 5:40pm

Anybody who loves Stanislaw Lem (or demented science fiction art) should check out right now

The Google Doodle at is some kind of Thanksgiving turkey thing — but if you go over to right now, you're treated to a totally demented black-and-white animation in honor of the 60th anniversary of Stanislaw Lem's first publication. It's based on The Cyberiad illustrations by Daniel Mróz, and it… »11/23/11 3:38am11/23/11 3:38am