Are Reality Shows the Milgram Tests of the Future?

In the famous Milgram Experiment, volunteers were ordered by a person in a lab coat to shock a person to death — and many did it, discovering only afterwards that they'd "shocked" an actor. The same test was repeated for a French documentary in 2010. It got much the same results. But how well will reality TV mimic… »5/19/14 2:20pm5/19/14 2:20pm

The Man Who Could Turn Anyone into a Torturer in Minutes

Using just the authority of his lab coat and actors paid to scream, Yale psychology researcher Stanley Milgram turned dozens of ordinary people into torturers and murderers. Or at least, that's what his research subjects believed. Now a new radio documentary (free online) takes you inside Milgram's torture chamber. In… »11/03/08 1:19pm11/03/08 1:19pm