Tommy Lee Jones Joining Captain America? Jamie Kennedy Joining Transformers 3? Plus Shatner Talks Star Trek 2!

Casting rumors include Tommy Lee Jones joining Captain America, Jamie Kennedy joining Transformers 3, and William Shatner mulling over the next Star Trek. Plus Jonah Hex, G.I. Joe, Twilight, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Lost, Supernatural and Fringe. »5/03/10 9:00am5/03/10 9:00am

Action Scenes From Transformers And Book Of Eli Described. Plus A Deadpool Promise!

It's a bumper crop of Monday spoilers. Michael Bay showed off new Transformers footage. Zoe Saldana talks Star Trek 2 and Ryan Reynolds talks Deadpool. A Book Of Eli action scene described. We uncover crazy Doctor Who rumors and Lost finale details. Plus Thor, Dollhouse, V, Stargate, Heroes and Smallville! »6/01/09 9:00am6/01/09 9:00am