The Greatest TV Episodes Where Someone Lives A Whole Lifetime In One Day

One of the annoying things about real life is, you can only gain experience by getting older. You can't just luck into a trove of experience points and level up painlessly. Except on a lot of science fiction TV shows, there's a loophole. Here are seven episodes where someone lives for years, while no time passes. » 2/20/15 8:00am 2/20/15 8:00am

The Top 100 Star Trek Episodes Of All Time!

Star Trek gave us six TV series, spanning over 700 episodes, because it's such a rich universe. And a Federation starship is the perfect vehicle to tell unforgettable stories. But which Star Trek stories are the best? To find out, we painstakingly compiled the 100 greatest Trek episodes, from any of the series. » 10/02/14 10:00am 10/02/14 10:00am

You Could Own Storm's Actual Costume From The First X-Men Movie!

Suppose you're a really lazy cosplayer with a lot of money laying around... this is your golden opportunity. Premiere Props is auctioning off a thousand items on Sept. 27 and 28, including Halle Berry's original Storm costume (above). Plus a Bajoran nose-ring from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Deadpool's swords! » 9/17/14 11:44am 9/17/14 11:44am

Top 10 Least Threatening Star Trek Villains

Star Trek has never really been about its villains. Even the Klingons, Romulans and Borg have provided object lessons about understanding. Kirk had foils more than he had villains. So it's no surprise that when Trek tries to do baddies, it frequently stumbles. Here are the 10 least dangerous Trek villains of all time. » 6/03/14 10:03am 6/03/14 10:03am

Which Morally Gray Rogue Is Cooler Than Any Hero Or Villain?

People often say that villains are more fun, or more awesome, than heroes. But sometimes, a morally gray scoundrel who sometimes does the right thing is more badass than any of them. Who's the most awesome chaotic-neutral character of all time? » 3/20/14 1:30pm 3/20/14 1:30pm

Romance Fail: The Worst Fictional Pairings, and Why They Happen

Romance abounds in fiction — and science fiction and fantasy are full of epic romances too. But sometimes, it's just a bad idea. We see so many fictional couples that the writers clearly thought were a great idea, but are actually disasters. Here are the main signs that a fictional romance is a terrible, awful, bad… » 2/14/14 12:00pm 2/14/14 12:00pm

What's the greatest outer space TV show of all time?

Television can go anywhere and explore any time — but we all know the best TV shows take place out in the final frontier. Television has shaped our dreams of space exploration for decades. But what's the best space TV show of all time? » 1/06/14 2:14pm 1/06/14 2:14pm

The Most Beautiful Space Stations in the Universe

Everybody loves a gorgeous spaceship that can zoom through the cosmos — but there's something majestic and beautiful about a space station, that stays in one place or orbits one planet. Here are some of the most beautifully designed space stations in any universe. » 12/26/13 3:20pm 12/26/13 3:20pm

The One Moment Where the BBC's Atlantis Won Us Over

Jason in Atlantis is not your typical mythic hero. Don't believe us? Check out the above gif, where his sword grip leaves a little bit to be desired. Poor guy. » 11/25/13 3:31pm 11/25/13 3:31pm

What's the most pointless rivalry or schism in all of fandom?

The great thing about science fiction and fantasy is that there's a nearly limitless amount of books, movies, TV shows and comics to celebrate. But sometimes, people decide that you can only be a fan of one thing or another. You have to choose. What's the most pointless rivalry in all of fandom? » 8/06/13 2:45pm 8/06/13 2:45pm

10 Science Fiction TV Spin-offs That Are Great in their Own Right

Soon enough, we're going to be watching spin-offs of The Vampire Diaries and Once Upon a Time, proving that too much of a good thing is never enough. Spin-offs often seem like pointless cash grabs — but there have been some fantastic exceptions. Here are 10 science fiction and fantasy spin-offs that actually rule. » 7/11/13 9:02am 7/11/13 9:02am

What's the worst Star Trek episode of all time?

With over 700 episodes, Star Trek offers enough raw television to saturate your brain for months. Including some of the greatest moments in television history... and some of the worst. But what's the absolute WORST Star Trek episode ever made? » 6/19/13 2:40pm 6/19/13 2:40pm

io9's March TV Madness: Doctor Who vs. Lost, Game of Thrones vs. DS9,…

We've reached the Sweet Sixteen in our quest to find the greatest sci-fi and fantasy show of all time. It's time for you to vote and to determine the winners of fierce match-ups including Fringe vs. MST3K, The Twilight Zone vs. Quantum Leap, and Star Trek vs. The Walking Dead! » 3/20/13 1:02pm 3/20/13 1:02pm

io9's March TV Madness: Vote for the 16 Greatest Scifi Shows of All…

The first round of our tournament to determine the best sci-fi and fantasy show of them all is now in the books, and 32 teams are left to battle it out for the title. Vote now and decide the bracket fates of Doctor Who, The X-Files, Twilight Zone, Fringe, Lost, Game of Thrones, both Battlestar Galacticas, three Star… » 3/18/13 12:30pm 3/18/13 12:30pm

io9's March TV Madness: Pick the greatest science fiction TV show ever…

It's March, which means it's time once again for the most important tournament of our age: io9's March TV Madness. Yes, after crowning the best and worst sci-fi movies of all time, this year we turn our attention to television, as 64 of the best sci-fi and fantasy shows ever made square off in our bracket. It's time… » 3/12/13 12:09pm 3/12/13 12:09pm

How Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Helped to Invent Everything You Love

20 years ago today, the very first episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine aired on American television. And Star Trek would never be the same again — but Deep Space Nine also had a lasting impact on all genre television. The grittiest of Star Trek series helped to give us a lot of the things we take most for granted on… » 1/03/13 5:01pm 1/03/13 5:01pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was literally darker than TNG

Deep Space Nine wasn't just a darker version of Star Trek in a metaphorical sense — it was also lit very differently. The Trek Companion podcast has an exclusive interview with Kris Krosskove, who was camera operator and often director of photography on both TNG and DS9. And there's a full transcript at TrekWeb. » 11/12/12 4:49pm 11/12/12 4:49pm

Why doesn't Syfy have a show like Battlestar Galactica any more?

Last week, the first two episodes of Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome went online, and we all remembered our love affair with BSG. This show was thought-provoking, powerful, and obsessively mysterious. And we can't help wondering: Why hasn't Syfy had a show like that since? » 11/12/12 2:47pm 11/12/12 2:47pm

Doctor Who and the Downside of Turning People into Weapons

Doctor Who's quirky time traveler has often been accused of transforming human beings into weapons — most notably, Davros made this claim in "Journey's End." But last night's episode, "A Town Called Mercy," features another alien doctor who's literally made people into weapons — and meanwhile, it makes a strong case… » 9/16/12 2:00pm 9/16/12 2:00pm