Star Trek Online's Memorial For Leonard Nimoy Is Here And Perfect

When Leonard Nimoy passed away last week, the internet was heaving with tributes for the Star Trek star. Now Nimoy has been immortalized in an official Star Trek product — the massively mulitiplayer role-playing game Star Trek Online. » 3/05/15 11:40am 3/05/15 11:40am

The cast of Voyager returns in this Star Trek Online trailer

Well, a lot of them do anyway - but while there's no Janeway in sight, a good chunk of her bridge officers are returning to the Delta Quadrant for the latest expansion to Star Trek Online. Hooray! » 10/16/14 5:00pm 10/16/14 5:00pm

Redesigning the MSD of Star Trek's USS Voyager

Star Trek Online's upcoming expansion firmly puts the focus on Star Trek: Voyager. Alongside returning to the Delta Quadrant, the Art team have had to tweak the ship's LCARS cutaway schematics to better suit their needs - giving us our best ever look at the inner workings of the Federation's finest Intrepid-Class ship. » 9/18/14 3:00pm 9/18/14 3:00pm

The Best Klingon Art To Hang On The Halls Of Sto'Vo'Kor

Today is a good day for art! This amazing Klingon painting, depicting an eyepatch-wearing Klingon leader going into battle, comes from Star Trek Online concept artist Chris Legaspi. Check out more of our favorite epic Klingon art below. » 3/08/10 1:15pm 3/08/10 1:15pm

Britons Set World Record For Most People Dressed In Star Trek Regalia?

Just days after a lightsaber-wielding flash mob invaded Bristol, a slew of Starfleet Officers descended upon London on to celebrate the release of Star Trek Online. » 2/17/10 10:00am 2/17/10 10:00am

How Does Star Trek Online Fit Into the Star Trek Mythos?

The Federation is trying desperately to maintain peace in a chaotic galaxy shattered by war. Violent Klingons and bizarre alien invaders threaten. Sounds like the earliest days of Star Trek, but this is the galaxy's future in Star Trek Online. » 2/03/10 10:00am 2/03/10 10:00am

Gamers Pissed At Star Trek Online's Boring Klingons

Today may be a bad day to play Star Trek Online. Turns out 99% of the Star Trek MMO's Klingon content will be PvP — which mean plenty of people may just pass on the game entirely. » 12/18/09 12:38pm 12/18/09 12:38pm

Lucas Brings Back The Secret Apprentice, But How? Plus New Star Trek…

The Secret Apprentice, Starkiller, is back, but we have no idea how. If it's because of love, we may have to unleash the Force on LucasArts. Also, check out the latest trailer and news from Star Trek Online. Spoilers below. » 12/14/09 2:57pm 12/14/09 2:57pm

Handy Chart Explains What Happened To TNG After Spock Traveled Through…

How can the Star Trek MMO, Star Trek Online, be planning on creating a whole universe based on the TNG/DS9/Voyager version of Trek, when Nero erased that timeline by traveling backwards? The MMO has released a handy chart to explain. » 6/15/09 10:00am 6/15/09 10:00am

Star Trek's Nose-Job Options Are Nearly Infinite

This new video for MMO Star Trek Online sure looks cool, but it also exposes how silly Star Trek's alien races are. "You can change their nose-crinkles! And their forehead-bumps! Pointy ears!" Um, yeah. » 2/10/09 3:00pm 2/10/09 3:00pm

Star Trek Online May Bring You To Pleasure

Curious what the much-anticipated Star Trek Online will contain? We were there to get all the answers at the Cryptic Studios panel at NYCC, and those answers may be very pleasing indeed. » 2/08/09 8:30am 2/08/09 8:30am

Ro Laren Comes To Deep Space Nine At Last

The last couple of seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation seemed to be leading up to showing Ensign Ro Laren joining the crew of Deep Space Nine, orbiting her homeworld of Bajor. So I was sad when Michelle Forbes turned down the DS9 role. But now at last, Ro has found her rightful place on the former Terok Nor — at… » 12/07/08 12:30pm 12/07/08 12:30pm

Star Trek Isn't Just About Exploring The Past After All

One of the frustrating things about the Star Trek » 9/03/08 2:49pm 9/03/08 2:49pm universe is that it stopped moving forward at some point. , the Next-Gen movies, and to some extent created a whole tapestry of stories about the Cardassians, the Romulans and the Borg. And then it all ends with Future Janeway smushing the Borg, and whatever it was…

First Look At Star Trek Online Ruins Our Sexy Green Alien Fantasies

Click to viewWhat's the point of playing Star Trek Online if you're not going to get to explore green alien hotties? New game play footage of the Star Trek MMO premiered at the ST Convention in Las Vegas this weekend, and while the space shots are strikingly beautiful, the characters themselves leave much to be… » 8/11/08 7:30am 8/11/08 7:30am

First Look At The New Star Trek MMO World

Click to viewFederation space stations guarded by expansive sensors snake across the Alpha Quadrant. Cryptic Studios have released screen shots that give future gamers a look into the brand new Star Trek Online universe. From the looks of things the Federation is a force to be reckoned with. Click through to see a… » 7/30/08 12:13pm 7/30/08 12:13pm