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7 Television Shows That Took Potshots at Fanfic Writers

Fanfiction started in the 1970s, when fans looked at TV shows and said, "I can do better."And then, it took to the internet, and grew massively — until some TV writers noticed, and said, "No, you can't." Here are seven TV shows that took pot-shots at fanfic, in descending order of meanness. » 5/29/13 11:06am 5/29/13 11:06am

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Worf hoodie lets you pull Klingon ridges over your forehead

Etsy seller EwoksInTutus has designed a Worf-inspired hooded sweatshirt that makes use of more than his warrior's sash. If you pull up the hood, you get a nice bit of lazy cosplay in the form of his Klingon forehead ridges. Now we need a Deep Space Nine version, too. » 2/17/13 10:00am 2/17/13 10:00am

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The Star Trek-X-Men crossover that no one remembers

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