Here are all the original Star Wars trilogy vehicles to scale

One of our favorite artists, Scott Park, illustrated the spaceships and vehicles in the original Star Wars trilogy to scale and it’s just so good. You get to see how a Stomtrooper compares in size to a Tauntaun to an X-34 Landspeeder to a TIE Fighter to the Millennium Falcon to the Death Star and everything else in… »Yesterday 3:15pm12/01/15 3:15pm

Gwendoline Christie in a Star Wars Dress Holding a Blaster Is an Early Christmas Gift to Us All

Look. It’s officially December. That means a) Christmas is just 24 days away, and b), Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a mere 17 days away. So treat yourself to the impossibly delightful Gwendoline Christie in an amazing Captain Phasma dress, wielding a blaster rifle like the goddamn boss of the Galaxy she is. »Yesterday 11:00am12/01/15 11:00am

Someone Actually Outbadassed Darth Vader in Marvel's Star Wars Crossover

Marvel’s new Star Wars crossover event, Vader Down, is pretty much all about reminding us that Darth Vader is not a Sith Lord to be trifled with. And while Vader does get some nifty moments in the event’s second part, the best moment comes thanks to a member of the comic’s amazing supporting cast. »Monday 1:30pm11/30/15 1:30pm

Badass Toy Hacker Converts Hasbro's New TIE Fighter Into a Flying Drone

We’ve all had flying toys that don’t actually fly. From little tin planes to hulking Millennium Falcon replicas, it’s fun to imagine if the toy worked like the real thing. Well, one anonymous quadcopter enthusiast didn’t imagine with his new Hasbro First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter. He made it fly. »Monday 11:30am11/30/15 11:30am

These New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Posters Are The Ultimate Nostalgia Play

Han, Leia, Luke! Practical effects! X-Wings and TIE Fighters! All that classic music! Empires and Rebels! A lot of the impetus of The Force Awakens’s marketing has been the emphasis on nostalgia for the three movies of the original trilogy. Now there are three new amazing retro posters to add to that nostalgia. »Friday 5:30pm11/27/15 5:30pm

Meet the First Person Who Realized Star Wars Would Change the World

We’re mere weeks from a new Star Wars movie, and excitement is in the air. Although it’s easy to romanticize the humble origins of one of the most iconic movie franchises in history, what people thinking in the run up to the original Star Wars film? Well, reading this recently discovered Fox studio memo might help you… »Friday 11:00am11/27/15 11:00am