This Japanese Darth Maul Figure Looks Totally Badass

Between spiky Thors and scary Predators, there’s been quite a few reveals for Square-Enix’s Play Arts Kai line recently — but that’s not stopped them from lifting the lid on their latest Star Wars toy today. Although this Darth Maul isn’t as wacky as Play Arts Kai at it’s best, it looks absolutely awesome. » 5/25/15 3:54pm Yesterday 3:54pm

10 Most Brilliant Con Artists In Science Fiction And Fantasy

Great cons belong to that special category — along with heists — of things that are very fun in fiction but not something you want happening to you. And con artists in fiction are usually charming, smart, and have an abhorrence of violence. Here are the 10 greatest con artists in science fiction and fantasy » 5/25/15 9:00am Yesterday 9:00am

The Groundbreaking History Of Star Wars Toys

When Star Wars released in 1977, the face of science fiction in popular culture was changed forever — but a year later, the movie helped transform the toy industry as well. Since then, Star Wars and the toys it inspired have been forever linked, a story that can just as easily be told through figures as it can the… » 5/22/15 9:10am Friday 9:10am

Simon Pegg Worries The Love Of Science Fiction Is Making Us "Childish"

In a new interview with the Radio Times, Simon Pegg says that the genre that he’s spent pretty much his entire career celebrating could actually be causing society to become “infantilized.” And he might want to “retire from geekdom.” Is he trolling, or has he really gotten so little out of years of science fiction? » 5/18/15 9:55pm 5/18/15 9:55pm

This 1978 Wine Infomercial Could Be The Most Shameless Star Wars Ripoff

Star Wars led to countless insane knock-offs, including some hilariously cheap Italian films. But the most shameless and terrible Star Wars ripoff might actually be this 1978 infomercial from Taylor Wines, featuring “Metal Man” and “Shorty” disco-dancing and helping some dudes talk about how to sell more wine. » 5/14/15 10:23am 5/14/15 10:23am

A Star Wars Toy Calendar Filled With Reminders To Buy New Star Wars Toys

Star Wars’ relationship with Toys has long been an intrinsic part of the franchise’s history. But there’s something about a Calendar filled with adverts for toys old and new, while also at the same time constantly reminding you when you can go out and buy new toys, that is baffling to comprehend. » 5/14/15 3:00am 5/14/15 3:00am

Documentary On Biggs Darklighter, A Character Mostly Cut From A New Hope

Biggs Darklighter was Luke Skywalker’s best friend in the first Star Wars movie, but most of his scenes were cut from the final version of the film. In this installment of Jamie Benning’s Filmumentaries, Garrick Hagon, who played Biggs, talks about his experience on the Star Wars set and his feelings about the movie. » 5/13/15 11:00am 5/13/15 11:00am

Watch The Lost Fantasy Movie That Appeared Before Empire Strikes Back

Black Angel is legendary among Star Wars fans, but also fans of 1980s sword-and-sorcery movies. This short film about a knight returning from the Crusades, who has to enter a mystical realm and rescue a princess, was directed by Empire Strikes Back art director Roger Christian. And it was shown before ESB in Europe… » 5/12/15 11:52am 5/12/15 11:52am

See The Best Star Wars Vs. Star Trek Movie 1985 Never Made

I know you can’t swing a dead cat GIF on the internet without hitting some kind of Star Wars/Star Trek mash-up. But still, I highly recommend you take 80 seconds of your life to watch this trailer for The Carbonite Maneuver, which is not only exceedingly well done but actually looks... well, kind of real. » 5/12/15 10:57am 5/12/15 10:57am

10 Most Messed-Up Versions Of The Hero's Journey

Everybody knows the hero’s journey by heart at this point. The chosen one gets called to adventure, refuses, accepts, goes on trials, loses a mentor, faces darkness, defeats evil. But sometimes the hero’s journey takes a major detour. Here are 10 hero’s journeys go went to a dark, terrible place. » 5/12/15 10:00am 5/12/15 10:00am

New Version Of Millennium Falcon Drone Looks Ready To Make Kessel Run

We’ve shared the work of quadcopter wizard and Star Wars fanatic Olivier C. before (check out videos of his TIE Interceptor and first Millennium Falcon builds), but his new Falcon drone is his best yet. (Still no Wookiee co-pilot, though.) Keep watching until the end to see what he’s working on next! » 5/09/15 11:00am 5/09/15 11:00am

Recording Captures Thrill Of Seeing Star Wars In 1977

In 1977, future makeup and special effects artist Bill Forsche attended a screening of Star Wars with his mother, all the while secretly recording the movie with a hidden tape player. Also recorded: the audience’s frequently enthusiastic and joyous responses to the action onscreen, including occasional commentary from… » 5/07/15 3:29pm 5/07/15 3:29pm

Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer in 16-bit video game style is fun

I don’t know what I want to do more, watch the new Star Wars movie or play this awesome 16-bit retro video game version of the new Star Wars movie. Actually, that’s a lie. I still want to watch the movie more. But there’s a kid in me that would love this video game so much if it ever existed. » 5/06/15 3:05am 5/06/15 3:05am