The Most Incredible Cosplay From This Weekend's Star Wars Celebration!

Star Wars Celebration is more than just a convention — it’s a rare chance to live in a world of nothing but Star Wars for a few days. And the love of Star Wars comes across beautifully in some of the photos from the event. Photographer Davann Srey was in Anaheim all weekend, and here’s the best costumes he saw. »4/20/15 4:00pm4/20/15 4:00pm

The Force Is Strong With This Gallery Of Star Wars Celebration Cosplay

As the Star Wars Celebration convention parties in Anaheim, that means one thing: A whole lot of beautiful Star Wars-themed cosplay. We’ve seen some seriously impressive Star Wars deep cuts here, along with a couple clever mashups from the galaxy far, far away. Check out our favorite costumes, so far. »4/18/15 2:41pm4/18/15 2:41pm

Cutest and Funniest Cosplay From Star Wars Celebration VI!

This past weekend, Orlando, Florida felt a huge vibration in the Force — as if thousands of Star Wars fans were gathered in one place and suddenly freaked out. This was the sixth massive Star Wars convention/party, Star Wars Celebration VI. And as you'd expect from hardcore, seriously awesome Star Wars fans, the… »8/27/12 3:03pm8/27/12 3:03pm