Unseen Star Wars Visions Emerge

They were the images that Lucasfilm didn't want you to see, and now they're being released more than a decade later with George's blessing. A sign of new hope that Star Wars is ready for some brand new New Visions, or just more proof that A Galaxy Far, Far Away is aggressively trying to fill your shelves and empty… » 12/01/08 1:21pm 12/01/08 1:21pm

You Can Plan The Kessel Run with a Map of the Star Wars Galaxy

Okay, this may be my new favorite thing on the internet: A map of the Star Wars galaxy, letting you know just how to get from Dantooine to Endor, and what other planets you pass on the way. It apparently originally appeared in the first issue of The Official Star Wars Fact File in 2002, before being reworked to offer… » 3/25/08 7:30am 3/25/08 7:30am