Force Unleashed concept art is the coolest Star Wars art in ages

Stephen Chang worked on both Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and The Force Unleashed II, and he's posted some pretty insane concept art over at his site, which Concept Art World collected into one gallery. Including Yoda on Dagobah, the Death Star under construction, and the Secret Apprentice wreaking havoc. » 7/26/12 6:20am 7/26/12 6:20am

The Secret Apprentice's Tortured Story Comes Out

The plot thickens for Darth Vader's sexy, angry Secret Apprentice. A new trailer from Entertainment Weekly reveals major plot points for the new Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game, and show us just how crappy of a father figure Vader really is — cutting off his son's hand is nothing compared to this. Also… » 7/09/08 2:00pm 7/09/08 2:00pm

Darth Vader's Secret Apprentice To Kill Superman

The smoldering hot secret sidekick to Darth Vader in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is rumored to be cast as Superman's biggest threat in Smallville, Doomsday. Sam Witwer, Also known as ex-Raptor ECO Alex "Crashdown" Quartararo, from Battlestar Galactica will be taking on the role of the character who ended the man of… » 6/19/08 10:40am 6/19/08 10:40am

Meet The New Characters In Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

io9 got a sneak peek Star Wars: The Force Unleashed yesterday. The untold chapter between Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope follows a new Sith apprentice who dodges rebels and Stormtroopers alike. Get a sampling of the story line, meet some new characters (and find out… » 5/01/08 11:40am 5/01/08 11:40am