Will the Star Wars comics start blowing chunks soon?

One of the major bright spots of Star Wars in the past decade has been the consistently excellent comics published by Dark Horse. From the Old Republic era to the far-future Legacy storylines, Dark Horse has consistently made the Star Wars comics better than they had any right to be. (With maybe the exception of the … »12/21/12 4:09pm12/21/12 4:09pm

Did the newest Star Wars bounty hunter steal his look from Starship Troopers' brain bug?

STAR WARS: The Old Republic, the massive new Star Wars multiplayer online role-playing game has released a pretty excellent Jedi Vs. Bounty Hunter video showcasing the differences between both classes of warriors. It also reveals one pretty bad ass Bounty Hunter... who reminds us of an old friend. »10/13/11 11:41am10/13/11 11:41am

Sith Academy Sadly Not Setting For Amusing Series Of Steve Guttenberg Movies

We've already told you about upcoming MMO game Star Wars: The Old Republic. Now a series of newly-released screenshots show not only how the action will look for players, but also some new settings for said action to take place... including this previously unseen Sith Academy. Click through for some more of the sights… »11/29/08 2:00pm11/29/08 2:00pm

Making Star Wars Look Like Star Wars Is More Difficult Than It Looks

What makes Star Wars »10/26/08 6:00pm10/26/08 6:00pm look like ? That's one of the questions that 's lead designer, Jeff Dobson has to face repeatedly in the course of working on the upcoming MMO set in George Lucas' playground and, as he told us, he still can't really come up with a comprehensive answer. He knows what's right when he sees it, but…

The Old Republic's Size Worship Reinforces Teenage Traumas

Besides giving everyone in our world a chance to join the Star Wars »10/24/08 6:30pm10/24/08 6:30pm universe, we're excited to see that upcoming MMO will finally give phallically-minded geeks confirmation of something that they've always suspected: That the bigger your weapon is, the better that makes you.It's not just size that's important, of…