10 Totally Unrealistic Happy Endings That We Can't Help Loving

We love happy endings. In fact, a big part of why we devour stories is to escape from reality, where endings are by definition unhappy. And a really wonderful happy ending can make you turn your bullshit detector all the way off. Here are 10 somewhat contrived happy endings we can't help falling in love with. »9/03/14 12:29pm9/03/14 12:29pm

Voyager 1 outlives the magnificent death of the sun in this mesmerizing CG short

Production studio PostPanic and director Mischa Rozema crafted this gorgeous bit of artificial space porn, Stardust, in memory of graphic designer Arjan Groot, who passed away in 2011. It envisions the journey of Voyager 1 as it moves ever farther from our sun and continues well beyond the lifespan of humanity. »2/03/13 12:30pm2/03/13 12:30pm

Crowdfund a zombie doc from The People Vs. George Lucas team and more

Zombie movies are a dime a dozen, and Exhibit A Pictures, the folks behind the Star Wars documentary The People Vs. George Lucas are out to find out why. If you'd like to know the answer, you can toss a few dollars their way. You can also crowdfund a gorgeous coming-of-age short film, a figurine of one of the Golden… »11/18/12 6:00pm11/18/12 6:00pm

Stardust probe sifts through the remains of a collision between comet and machine

In 2005, NASA's Deep Impact probe shot an 800-pound subsidiary probe into the comet Tempel 1. Now, six years later, the new Stardust probe has returned to the comet to see our handiwork. But this isn't just about proving humanity can leave its mark anywhere in the cosmos - the artificially created crater kicked up… »2/16/11 8:00pm2/16/11 8:00pm

Spine-Smashing Anti-Superhero Comic Gets "Stardust" Treatment

Stardust writer/director Matthew Vaughn will write and direct the big-screen adaptation of Mark Millar's Kick-Ass, which bills itself as "The Greatest Superhero Comic Of All Time," but is actually dull, hyper-violent and devoid of superheroics. Maybe the addition of Robert DeNiro in drag will elevate Kick-Ass to its… »3/21/08 3:05pm3/21/08 3:05pm