10 Hulk Storylines You Won't See In The Avengers

The Incredible Hulk's M.O. errs toward smashing crap, yelling self-aggrandizing slogans, and the mysterious power to perpetually be within a five-mile radius of a purple sweatpants factory. But it's unfair to stereotype the Green Goliath as a one-note behemoth. The truth is, comic writers over the decades have woven a… » 4/18/12 10:55am 4/18/12 10:55am

9 Unknowns We Want to See in the Avengers Movie

Jon Favreau may have spilled the unsurprising beans on who the movie version of Marvel's Avengers consists of, but what does he know? He may not even be making Iron Man 2: This Time, He's Rusty! We here at io9 would rather see a movie that builds around the core franchise heroes with some lesser-known names from the… » 6/26/08 12:20pm 6/26/08 12:20pm