The Walking Dead season 3 VFX reel shows computers are the real zombie killers

Whether you want to learn how the fine artists of Stargate Studios create the graphic zombie kills in The Walking Dead or just want to see a bunch of zombies get eviscerated, this three-minute video detailing how the graphic zombie violence was made in season 3 is a pretty great way to start the morning. »4/10/13 9:20am4/10/13 9:20am


Short film pays gorgeous tribute to Blade Runner, using only handheld digital cameras

It's amazing what you can do with digital cameras and CG effects nowadays — just check out this short film called XXIT, which channels Blade Runner on a tiny budget. Shot entirely using the new Canon EOS C300 camera, this film manages to create a brilliant future cityscape, with lots of great Syd Mead touches. »11/09/11 10:30am11/09/11 10:30am