7 Games We Saw in Action That Never Came Out


It’s frankly ridiculous how close some games are to finished when they are cancelled - or, conversely, how vaporous they can be when they’re first shown. At trade shows, you see maybe 50 games in the space of 4 or 5 days, and a small proportion of them fade into the background and are never heard from again. Sometimes… » 4/29/15 4:29pm 4/29/15 4:29pm

New Stargate Worlds Alien Gives Gaters The Come-Hither Look

This cast of a sexy new alien from Stargate Words was on display at the Stargate booth at Comic-Con. Stargate Worlds is a new MMO game that connects gamers through an inspired SG-1 universe. If this is the direction of the new video game, sign me up. I can't get enough sexy alien warriors. Click through for the… » 7/27/08 3:40pm 7/27/08 3:40pm

Beware The Flesh-Eating Plants Beyond The Stargate

Here's one of the bizarre alien worlds you'll be able to visit in Stargate Worlds, the new MMORPG in the Stargate Universe from Cheyenne Mountain. Click through to see a new concept drawing, released yesterday, of some massively multi-chomping carnivorous plants. Cheyenne also released concept art of some vehicles,… » 2/21/08 10:00am 2/21/08 10:00am