Hitchcock-Style Mystery Awaits Aboard CBS' New Station

Murder aboard the International Space Station? It's not a previously unknown Agatha Christie novel, but the question behind Eureka writer Johanna Stokes' Station, now being adapted into a movie by the people behind I, Robot. » 5/08/09 10:00am 5/08/09 10:00am

Crooked Men And Futuristic Slayers In This Week's Comics

And here's another way in which DC Comics isn't celebrating Superman's birthday - There's only one Superman comic this week. How could they hate him so mu - Oh, wait, it's just a scheduling thing? Oh, alright. And there's also a Supergirl comic for those who absolutely have to have their S-Shield fetish fulfilled?… » 7/01/08 9:00am 7/01/08 9:00am

China Will Win The Next Space Race

What will it take to launch another space age to replace the one that ended with the Cold War? Maybe another space race. China is ramping up its efforts to put people back on the Moon, launch more lunar orbiters, and build its own space station. Already, China is challenging the U.S.' domination of space launches. » 11/14/07 11:40am 11/14/07 11:40am