This is Every New Paleontologist from China's Top Research School

China is home to some of the richest fossil deposits in the world, and has been the source of many of the exciting recent discoveries in paleontology. But the country is having trouble attracting new paleontology students. This "group photo of one" represents the entire paleontology graduating class at China's #1… »6/20/14 1:02am6/20/14 1:02am

Natalie Portman and Marvel team up to get girls into science careers

Natalie Portman and Marvel are joining together in hopes of inspiring an entire generation of Jane Fosters. The Ultimate Mentor Adventure is a program/contest that wants to connect girls 14 and up to meet, work with and learn from the most successful women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). »10/01/13 5:20pm10/01/13 5:20pm

Sesame Street hopes to fix the U.S.'s lousy Science and Math scores

The brand new 42nd season of Sesame Street will be brought to you by STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)! This year, the word on the Street is all about Math and Science. Which means Elmo singing about the number 10 with Elvis Costello, science experiments, and learning about engineering by launching a… »9/28/11 2:30pm9/28/11 2:30pm