Step Inside the Mining Pods of Knowhere in This Guardians of the Galaxy

One of the things that was rightly praised so much in Guardians of the Galaxy was the lived in and used look that the universe had. And one of the most used places in the film was Knowhere, the giant alien head turned mining town. Get a better look at the mining pods in Stephan Martiniere concept art. »10/10/14 4:30am10/10/14 4:30am


Check out some of last year's coolest science fiction and fantasy art

Science fiction and fantasy books wouldn't be nearly as vital a part of our culture without their incredible cover illustrations and other artwork. And every year, the Chesley Awards celebrate the loveliest and most arresting artworks in the field. »6/18/12 2:20pm6/18/12 2:20pm

John Picacio for George R.R. Martin: A Song of Ice and Fire, 2012…

Stephan Martiniere: The Future Will Be Bio-Mechanical

Welcome to The Jewels of Aptor, a biweekly column about the intersection of art and the fantastic. Never heard of French artist Stephan Martiniere? Well, you've definitely heard of the projects he's been involved with: Star Wars II and III, The Astronaut's Wife, Red Planet, I, Robot, Virus, and several other SF… »5/02/08 12:00pm5/02/08 12:00pm