Stephen Chow goes on a predictably insane Journey to the West

Although Journey to the West is possibly the best-known, most important story in Chinese literature, it's been open to some seriously broad interpretations over the years. Stephen Chow's version, subtitled Conquering the Demons, is probably the loosest one yet, but thanks to Chow's epic, cartoony action set-pieces and… » 3/07/14 12:00pm 3/07/14 12:00pm

Stephen Chow's Journey to the West is delightfully insane

When we last showed you footage of director Stephen Chow's adaptation of China's classic fantasy epic Journey to the West, it had Chow's trademark cartoon-ish lunacy, but still seemed indebted to the fantastic literary classic. This new trailer is nothing but pure insanity... and somehow that only makes u want to see… » 12/20/13 6:44am 12/20/13 6:44am

Bow down to the Monkey King, by watching the first trailer for Stephen Chow's Journey to the West

If you love the classic Chinese adventure story Journey to the West — and you really should — then this teaser trailer for the movie version should make you whoop with delight. They're all here: the Monkey King, Piggie, and the rest. Brings back hours and hours of reading Arthur Waley's translation late at night… » 1/29/13 5:00pm 1/29/13 5:00pm

Chinese Transformers Will Put Optimus Prime To Shame

Holy robot glory — A Chinese Odyssey » 11/07/08 9:20am 11/07/08 9:20am director Jeffrey Lau is making a Chinese movie. No matter how many things Michael Bay blows up in , it still won't have Stephen Chow in it. Which means it's China 1, America 0.Apparently its been in the works for 10 years and it's titled simply, . Lau has partnered with Le TV.com…

Seth Rogen More Interested In Hornet Than Fighting Ghosts

Seth Rogen's Green Hornet » 10/20/08 2:03pm 10/20/08 2:03pm movie was looking like a weird mutant hybrid, with a script by Rogen and Evan Goldberg, but direction by Hong Kong comedy legend Stephen Chow. How would Chow be able to make Rogen's trademark slacker comedy work? But now there's some excellent news: Chow is taking a hand in rewriting the …

Green Hornet Just Became The Most Eagerly Anticipated Superhero Film Of 2010

Now that "superhero movies" have become Hollywood's biggest summer genre, we're going to see a flood of films deconstructing superhero tropes in various ways. But the most exciting superhero revamp may not be Watchmen » 9/20/08 3:00pm 9/20/08 3:00pm or , but rather the , the -esque action-comedy starring co-writer Seth Rogen. Why? Because of its new…

Attack of the Cute Alien in Stephen Chow's CJ7

Stephen Chow's E.T.-inspired CJ7 opens this weekend, and although it's been critically kicked around like the lowest dog on Earth, we loved the cute little thing. It's not your typical science fiction movie, and it's not even a typical Stephen Chow movie, who is best known for comedies like Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin… » 3/06/08 9:04am 3/06/08 9:04am

Critics Hate Stephen Chow's Hit Scifi Movie

The good news: Stephen (Shaolin Soccer) Chow's venture into science fiction, CJ7, has been a huge box-office smash in China, in spite of record-breaking snow storms. The movie has made an impressive US$18 million in its first two weeks, meaning that other Chinese film-makers may be tempted to ditch martial arts for… » 2/14/08 6:30am 2/14/08 6:30am