Stephen Fry Shows Us How To Make (And Spill) a Temporary Lava Lamp

QI, the BBC show about comedians coming to grips with trivia that's even funnier than they are, has added a regular science installment. This means we get to watch everyone's favorite Harry Potter audiobook narrator make a bargain-basement lava lamp. » 12/29/14 12:16pm 12/29/14 12:16pm

Stephen Fry narrates soulful animated insect fairytale Cicada Princess

The mating ritual of the cicada takes on a sweeping, romantic tone in the lyrical animated film Cicada Princess. Stephen Fry's voice helps bring to life the grand ball where all cicadas go looking for love. » 1/15/14 11:20am 1/15/14 11:20am

Now you can feel like Stephen Fry is in your kitchen, doing science

On a recent episode of QI, Stephen Fry made a very special "ice tower" device. You can make it as well. Here's how. » 12/10/13 8:24am 12/10/13 8:24am

Stephen Fry's Insane Look in Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Entertainment Weekly just released a collection of new Hobbit 2 images. Including one particularly interesting shot of Stephen Fry with an epic hairstyle. Just call him Stephen Fry: Master of Laketown, and the Comb-Over. » 11/13/13 11:16am 11/13/13 11:16am

Watch the pilot for Super Clyde with Stephen Fry and Rupert Grint

Although CBS didn't pick up Gregory Thomas Garcia's comedy series Super Clyde, starring Rupert Grint and Stephen Fry, the network has posted the pilot online, giving us a look at a very different brand of superhero. » 10/12/13 7:30am 10/12/13 7:30am

Why You Can’t Travel Back in Time and Kill Hitler

You've gotten your hands on a shiny new time machine, and you decide that your first order of business is to travel back in time and kill Hitler. But killing Hitler and preventing the Holocaust isn't quite as simple as it sounds. Here's why. » 9/07/13 1:00pm 9/07/13 1:00pm

Stephen Fry will play Alfred to Rupert Grint's Bruce Wayne

Super Clyde, the CBS comedy pilot in which Rupert Grint gets rich and decides to become a superhero, is getting an actor worthy of its Batman-spoofing concept. Stephen Fry will be playing the butler who helps Grint's Clyde with his crimefighting quest. » 3/17/13 2:00pm 3/17/13 2:00pm

BBC Challenging Studio Ghibli with its own Borrowers Adaptation

We're all waiting anxiously for Studio Ghibli's magical adaptation of Mary Norton's The Borrowers, which hits U.S. screens in February. But the BBC is going head-to-head with Ghibli with its own Borrowers adaptation... and it's the first television production from the fabulous Working Title Pictures. » 12/12/11 2:38pm 12/12/11 2:38pm

Today Is 101010: The Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question

Today is October 10, 2010. 10/10/10. In binary, that's 42. And 42 is The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything. Or at least, that's what Douglas Adams says. » 10/10/10 1:14pm 10/10/10 1:14pm

Introducing The Perfect Guest Doctor Who Writer

Someone at the BBC needs to make this happen immediately: British writer, comedian and actor Stephen Fry still wants to write an episode of Doctor Who. If ever there was a perfect fit for the show, it's this man. » 1/23/10 8:00am 1/23/10 8:00am

Fry, Morrison, McGuigan Team For New TV Show

It's an unexpected team-up, but Stephen Fry is apparently joining with We3 writer Grant Morrison and Push director Paul McGuigan for a new BBC TV series that's rumored to be Doctor Who-esque. We're already geekgasming at the prospect. [Bleeding Cool] » 11/03/09 12:00pm 11/03/09 12:00pm

Who Should Be The Next Who?

With rumors about Paterson Joseph taking over the role of the Doctor from David Tennant in 2010's fifth season of Doctor Who » 10/25/08 10:00am 10/25/08 10:00am continuing to circulate, it's beginning to look more and more likely that West Lothian's favorite son might not be the man in the time-traveling blue box for much longer. And while I have…