You'll Never Understand Under The Dome Without My Help

The pivotal moment in last night's episode of Under the Dome comes halfway through, when Julia Shumway comes and prays to me, the Dome. She doesn't actually get on her knees, which displeases me. But she does beg for one last chance. And then... I look at her, and go "Nah." » 9/16/14 5:30pm 9/16/14 5:30pm

A Guide to Tom Cruise's Genre Movie Acting: The Next Best Thing to Nic…

Tom Cruise is coming back! He's starring in a fourth Mission Impossible movie this weekend, and he's also set to star in two upcoming science fiction films: Joseph Kosinski's Horizons and the movie version of the Japanese alien-fighting novel All You Need Is Kill. » 12/15/11 1:23pm 12/15/11 1:23pm

Steven Spielberg To Bring Stephen King's Dome Horror To Life

Last week we learned that Stephen King's brand new book Under The Dome, about a town sealed off from the rest of the world, is getting a miniseries. Now Steven Spielberg has stepped in to make sure it's a success. » 11/20/09 9:00am 11/20/09 9:00am