New Pink Panther Film Will Put That Cartoon Panther In The Real World

The last Pink Panther movies featured Steve Martin playing the perfectly incompetent Inspector Jacques Clouseau, to perfectly awful reviews. But now, MGM has announced a new Pink Panther movie, which ditches the Inspector in favor of the literal Pink Panther himself, who appeared in previous movies' opening credits. »3/31/14 10:00pm3/31/14 10:00pm


Steve Martin has to explain to Fox News the difference between a solar system and a galaxy

Poor Fox News. They posted an article with a headline saying that a New Zealand man was the first amateur astronomer to capture a photograph of another galaxy — when in fact, Rolf Olsen had just captured an image of another solar system, Beta Pictoris. It's an easy mistake to make — galaxies and solar systems both… »11/30/11 2:37pm11/30/11 2:37pm