The New Captain America Comic Reveals the Big Difference Between Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers

The new Captain America comic, starring Sam Wilson as Captain America, has already drawn some heat for the way it’s shown Sam taking an active role in the politics of the modern day U.S. This is something Steve Rogers himself did throughout his career as Cap—but the second issue goes a long way in highlighting the key… »11/02/15 10:00am11/02/15 10:00am


Captain America 2 Directors Respond To That Crazy Robert Redford Rumor

Before Captain America: The Winter Soldier premiered, there were a lot of wild rumors floating around about the character played by Robert Redford. So we asked the directors, Anthony and Joe Russo, about these crazy notions. And now that we can freely talk about end-of-the-movie spoilers, here's what they told us. »4/08/14 5:06pm4/08/14 5:06pm

The Captain America 2 Directors Explain How To Make Steve Rogers Dark

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the darkest of all the Marvel movies. But then how on EARTH did directors Anthony and Joe Russo manage to fit in the most ridiculous Captain America villain of all time, Batroc the leaper? In our exclusive interview, we go deep into the secrets of making Cap (and his friends) go… »4/02/14 2:32pm4/02/14 2:32pm