The Crystal Gems Are Cuter Than Ever in Funko's Amazing Steven Universe Toys

We’ve known for a while that the delightful Steven Universe would be getting some long-awaited merchandise, and now we have our first look at it: four glorious little Pop! Vinyls from Funko. They’re so adorable, we just want to shove as many of them into our Cheeseburger Backpacks as possible. »Tuesday 11:30am11/24/15 11:30am


On Steven Universe, Giant Robots Are Only Second To The Power Of Friendship

Steven Universe is a show about a lot of things: love, accepting people for who they are, the power of friendship and kindness. Sometimes, it explores those concepts like any other show would. Sometimes, it explores them through giant robots. This makes Steven Universe the best show on Television. »10/09/15 9:30am10/09/15 9:30am

This Week's TV: Can The Flash Manage To Stay Excellent in its Second Season?

Let’s hope so! We’ll get our first clue as to whether The Flash can avoid the dreaded Sophomore Slump this week. Also, Arrow is lightening up. Lady Gaga comes to American Horror Story! Also: Doctor Who gets spooky, and Peter MacNichol returns to Agents of SHIELD. It’s a thrilling week of television! »10/05/15 4:36pm10/05/15 4:36pm

All It Takes Is a Little Rain to Get Steven Universe on Track

Last week’s episode of Steven Universe delivered on two of the show’s greatest strengths: its adorable humor, and a keen eye for character development. Not only does this week give us the heart-cloggingly sweet joy of Peridot and Steven on an adventure together, it delivers the show’s third strength: actual plot… »10/02/15 12:00pm10/02/15 12:00pm

Steven Universe Just Turned One of Its Villains Into Its Most Lovable Character

Steven Universe is a show jampacked with so many good characters that your favorite one probably changes from week to week. But while last night’s episode did a lot of fantastic stuff, its greatest success was taking Peridot, the closest the show currently has to a recurring villain, and making her the star. »9/25/15 12:00pm9/25/15 12:00pm

This Week's TV: A Ton of New Shows, But Only One of Them is Worth Your Time

It’s officially the start of fall TV season, and seven new shows are launching. But only one of them has bowled us over. Plus Gotham is back, and nuttier than ever. And how will the Doctor save Clara from the Daleks? Plus, David Tennant as the Fugitoid! All this and more, on This Week’s TV! »9/21/15 3:47pm9/21/15 3:47pm

Steven Universe Is Quickly Becoming A Show About Flawed Mothers

In a way, Steven Universe has always been about the struggle of motherhood—a main character born out of an absent mother, raised by surrogates with their own problems. But since its return, the show is seemingly laser-focused on Moms... although “Sadie’s Song” doesn’t quite the same high notes as last week’s episode. »9/18/15 2:05pm9/18/15 2:05pm

On Steven Universe, Lying to Your Mother is its Own Battle

Steven Universe made a triumphant return last night, back on a normal weekly format after recent scattered, concentrated releases of episodes. Despite the change in schedule, in “Nightmare Hospital” the show is still doing what it does best: defying expectations and being one of the most emotionally smart cartoons on… »9/11/15 12:30pm9/11/15 12:30pm

Steven Universe's Extended Opening Teases Major Villains and Heart-Exploding Joy

Back at Comic-Con this year, Steven Unvierse’s joint panel with Adventure Time treated fans to an extended version of the show’s opening theme, teasing an awesome hint at the show’s future. Now Cartoon Network have started streaming the opening on their website, so everyone can see it!
»9/08/15 12:30pm9/08/15 12:30pm

Steven Universe Keeps Giving Us Some of the Most Complex Heroes on TV

Steven Universe graced our screens once again with a week of episodes purportedly about fusion and bringing the Crystal Gems together. Instead, a new fusion pairing actually gave us the chance for some strife between the Gems—and it turns out that they are just as fascinating apart as they are together.
»7/20/15 2:50pm7/20/15 2:50pm

Ant-Man Will Introduce a Weird New Reality From Marvel's Comics

And how much of Edgar Wright’s original script is still in Ant-Man? Henry Cavill says Batman v Superman isn’t a Superman movie. Bruce Campbell talks Ash vs Evil Dead. Some familiar DC voices will be appearing in Vixen. Plus, clips from Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and Daredevil set pictures. Behold, Spoilers!
»7/08/15 9:00am7/08/15 9:00am

Why I Fell In Love With The Brilliant Steven Universe, And You Will Too

What is Steven Universe? Having launched last year as Cartoon Network’s first ever female-created animated series from ex-Adventure Time writer Rebecca Sugar, Steven Universe is ostensibly a cartoon about the titular Steven discovering that he is a member of the Crystal Gems, a group of female alien superheroes who… »6/16/15 11:00am6/16/15 11:00am