Dissect the alien body of The Thing in this new batch of high-res stills

We've got a batch of super detailed photos from the prequel to John Carpenter's The Thing (also titled The Thing). So take a look at what the beast looked like right after it emerged from the ice block. Could this be the original version of The Thing? Or is it just another poor mutated beast (hence the UFO crash we… »9/30/11 4:40pm9/30/11 4:40pm

Inspect Ryan Reynolds computer-generated Green Lantern suit with 3 new high-res images

What is Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern costume made of: magic, space spice, green bacon? Inspect the superhero's computer-generated suit in detail, with these exceptionally detailed high-res shots. Has Warner Brothers sold you on the CG costume? »4/12/11 2:50pm4/12/11 2:50pm

But we're still very wary of Hal Jordan's mask, it still looks fake…