Here is your daily dose of baby stingrays being adorable

In case you were psychically scarred by the now famous stingray photobomb, here's some pareidolia to soothe your mind. And now, a baby stingray from the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport Oregon set to music. Enjoy. [Via Arbroath] » 10/24/12 1:25pm 10/24/12 1:25pm

Transgenic sneaker company grows custom designs on genetically…

Rayfish, a custom footwear company, is marketing leather sneakers that come in every color from shimmering gold to neon green, in patterns that mimick giraffes, zebras, leopard, and lady bugs. And they claim that these designs are grown directly on the hides of custom-engineered stingrays. But are these sneakers for‚Ķ » 6/02/12 10:30am 6/02/12 10:30am