First Look At LAIKA's Next Movie, Kubo And The Two Strings 

LAIKA's next movie Kubo and the Two Strings is centered around Japanese folktales. Already the creators are promising "mystical origami" and that is something I would very much like to see from a LAIKA production. » 12/22/14 2:23pm 12/22/14 2:23pm

A musician tackles his anxiety by arguing with his own subsconscious

Tom Moody is a musician struggling to find the confidence to sing. He'll have to take a surreal journey into his own mind and argue with himself and his memories of the past. » 2/19/14 4:00pm 2/19/14 4:00pm

The Jonny Quest opening credits, recreated with action figures

As a tribute to that certain boy adventurer who was always in mortal peril, Roger Evans has recreated the credits to Jonny Quest with patience and plastic. You can see how he reproduced each stop-motion shot here. » 9/03/11 8:30am 9/03/11 8:30am