Anthropomorphic Animals Make It Harder To Learn Science

"Yum, these grass and plants are delicious!" Mother cavy thinks as she eats her breakfast. "I will feed some to my baby cavies too!" she says. The baby cavies love to play in the grass! But they've gotten all dirty! "Time for your bath," Mother cavy says. Mother cavy and her babies like to spend the afternoon sunbathing. At… » 3/31/14 3:45pm 3/31/14 3:45pm

Watch J.J. Abrams explaining why Star Wars is all about the "Mystery…

One of the biggest worries about J.J. Abrams directing Star Wars is that he'll bring his penchant for mysteries for the sake of mysteries to the relatively straightforward universe George Lucas built. But this clip from his 2007 Ted talk, posted on Reddit yesterday, shows Abrams arguing that Star Wars was always about … » 1/31/13 2:14pm 1/31/13 2:14pm

Must Read: 20 Essential Tips on Rewriting Your Story Until it Shines

A big part of the revision process in fiction-writing really is re-vision, seeing your story anew. And over at Necessary Fiction, this month's "Writer in Residence," Matthew Salesses, offers 20 absolutely indispensible tips on making your fiction much, much stronger. Including a lot of stuff I've never seen before, and… » 7/03/12 7:30am 7/03/12 7:30am

How to Sell Readers on Your Story's Main Ideas in 4 Easy Steps

You always hear writers and other creative people talking about "selling" something to the reader, or the audience. And it sounds terribly crass. What if you're a great artist, and you don't want to try and sell anything? This all sounds like... commerce. Or something equally distasteful. » 8/29/11 3:49pm 8/29/11 3:49pm

What is the future of storytelling in videogames?

When we interviewed Bear McCreary about his upcoming soundtrack to Zipper Interactive's SOCOM 4, we also had the opportunity to speak with Ed Byrne, creative director at Zipper. The following lively discussion precipitated from a single question: "Are videogames art?" » 6/09/10 4:13pm 6/09/10 4:13pm