Clip makes Christian Slater's Stranded look like The Thing meets Moon

Are you ready to get creeped the fuck out? Christian Slater and his tiny crew of redshirts are trapped in a moonbase... with an alien life form that could be anybody. Yep, Stranded really does look like Moon meets The Thing. With a dash of Doctor Who's "Waters of Mars." » 7/09/13 4:17pm 7/09/13 4:17pm

In Stranded, Christian Slater's moonbase turns into a slaughterhouse

The Purge just proved that low-budget, high-concept horror movies are still huge money-makers. That's good news for Stranded, in which Christian Slater and his crew are stuck on the Moon, with hallucinations, flesh-eating contagion... and some kind of wacky monster. Here's a brand new trailer! » 6/11/13 1:11pm 6/11/13 1:11pm

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People have been making movies about Mars for decades, but the real boom in semi-realistic Mars movies started about a decade ago — and ended pretty soon afterward. A spate of movies about Mars, some of which aimed to show the first human exploration of the planet, started around 1999 and stopped in 2002... just… » 3/11/08 4:30pm 3/11/08 4:30pm