J.J. Abrams' mysterious viral trailer finally explained!

Last month this strange little black and white video, titled Stranger, was released from Bad Robot. But like the main character, its lips were stitched shut as to what this whole thing was actually about. Thankfully, the second trailer has finally revealed what the secret behind this mystery. » 9/09/13 4:00pm 9/09/13 4:00pm

A young adult novel's hero is allowed to remain gay, after all

Almost exactly a year ago, all right-thinking people were upset by the fact that a prominent literary agent told two beloved authors that they needed to remove a gay character from their young-adult novel — or just turn him straight. The good news? Now Stranger by Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith has gotten… » 9/20/12 5:07pm 9/20/12 5:07pm