This Is the Closest Doctor Who Will Get to a Paternoster Gang Spinoff

Fans of Doctor Who’s Victorian-era “Paternoster Gang”—Silurian and human couple Madame Vastra and Jenny, alongside their Sontaran butler Strax—have been clamoring for a spinoff since they first appeared. While that may not happen on TV, a new audio drama is the closest thing you’ll get to one anytime soon. »8/07/15 12:00pm8/07/15 12:00pm


The winners of Blue Peter's 'Design a Sonic Device' contest are glorious

Earlier today Children's BBC announced the three winners of a Doctor Who themed viewer competition to design three sonic tools for Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint and Strax - aka The Paternoster Gang - to use in an upcoming episode of Doctor Who. And the winning designs are actually pretty amazing! »12/19/13 7:34pm12/19/13 7:34pm