Mind-Boggling Optical Illusion Graffiti Looks Like It Floats In Mid-Air

Graffiti artist Odeith wanted to make his street art stand out, so he decided to create murals that are also anamorphic illusions. By skewing is images in just the right way and painting "shadows" on the walls and ground, Odeith is able to create designs that look like 3D objects hovering in space. » 12/05/14 3:00pm 12/05/14 3:00pm

Artist Converts Everyday Objects Into Super-Realistic Miniature…

Check out these wild art displays designed by German street artist, Evol. He calls it his Building series, and he creates them by transforming everyday objects — like concrete blocks, power boxes, walls, and any other publicly accessible surface he can co-opt — into highly intricate miniaturized versions of apartment… » 1/28/13 6:30am 1/28/13 6:30am

The Ruins of an Abandoned Zoo Transformed into a Trippy Graffiti Gallery

While the ruins of Los Angeles' Griffith Park zoo have been left to molder as an oddball tourist attraction, the abandoned remains of Torino, Italy's old zoo have gotten a second life as a Street Art Museum. Now the lion cages and primate houses are covered in bizarre, sometimes nightmarish works of public art.… » 11/04/12 4:00pm 11/04/12 4:00pm

The spasmodic robot street performer of a Berlin flea market

At the Mauerpark flea market in Berlin, you can watch the stuttering routine of a very unique street performer — a robot who sits on a shopping cart and is overcome by the power of interpretative dance. I'm not sure who created this bot, but there are many videos of it online. Any Berliners out there familiar with… » 9/18/11 10:45am 9/18/11 10:45am

Automated rainbow machine spreads joy, casual vandalism

Looking for a way to spruce up your neighborhood and/or spread the word that you're a member of a revolutionary cabal devoted to getting a certain LeVar Burton-hosted pro-literacy show back on the air? Akay's Robo-Rainbow lets you create polychromatic street art in a jiff. Now everyone will know that your turf… » 2/02/11 8:00am 2/02/11 8:00am