FIREFLY: The Credits Sequence It Deserved!

Joss Whedon's Firefly was awesome, but its title sequence really didn't sell the show. What Firefly really needed was a kick-ass, old-school, synth-happy, guitar-solo, Yay Spaceships, 1980s-style intro credit sequence. And here it is. Joss, you can thank me later. » 7/08/10 3:00pm 7/08/10 3:00pm

Five Scifi Cycles To Adore

Click to view » 8/30/08 12:00pm 8/30/08 12:00pmWe've given it a lot of thought, and come up with the only possible explanation for why was such a big hit: The Bat-Pod. From to , theatergoers have been going wild about tight butts on hot hogs for years, and Batman's sweet ride is just the latest to make those cash registers sing. With that in mind,…