The Best Scenes From Insane Old Star Trek Coloring Books

It's been long established that children's coloring books are the apex of any and all science fiction narratives. Star Trek is no different, what with over two dozen coloring books to the franchise's name. Here are some select scenes for your enjoyment and/or confusion. Who wants to draw Geordi's visor? » 8/20/12 7:25am 8/20/12 7:25am

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-ray

At the end of the July, Star Trek fans get an extra special treat with the release of a high-definition transfer of the twenty-five episode first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Today at San Diego Comic-Con, we had the chance to see an extra-early peak at the restoration process performed on this historic… » 7/12/12 3:30pm 7/12/12 3:30pm

A first look at the Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover comic!

The comic book miniseries Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation² sees two venerable science fiction television shows meet up for the first time ever. So far in the series, Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor, Amy, and Rory are on a crash course to meet up with Jean-Luc Picard's Enterprise crew. Courtesy of… » 6/14/12 8:10am 6/14/12 8:10am

How to pretend you're aboard the Starship Enterprise (from the safety…

Want to transform your bedroom into deep space? YouTuber CrysKnife007 has looped the most soothing noise in the universe for an entire day: » 12/10/11 2:40pm 12/10/11 2:40pm

Brent Spiner's Patrick Stewart impression is disturbingly realistic

At this year's Emerald City Comic-Con, Brent Spiner regaled audiences with his eerily on-the-mark Patrick Stewart voice. All those years of acting as an android have apparently blessed him with Soong-style perfect pitch. » 8/21/11 8:25am 8/21/11 8:25am

The most iconic, stylish, and just plain wacky opening credits on…

A good opening credit sequence can be more memorable than the TV program it introduces. Luckily, science fiction shows are rife with sleek, quirky, and flat-out bizarre show intros. Here are over 30 of the best. » 1/24/11 8:40am 1/24/11 8:40am

How Star Trek's prop computers presaged the iPad by 20+ years

Designers for Star Trek created flat, minimalist computers in order to save money. But as the franchise continued, the artists were forced to further explain the props' pretend functions, which eventually mirrored those of touch electronics today. » 8/11/10 2:30pm 8/11/10 2:30pm

Holy Fish Biscuits! It's The Series Finale Of Lost!

This week offers us a solid 3.5 hours of new Lost, but it's the last new Lost we'll ever get. That is, until The Lost Polynesian Christmas Reunion Special of 2020. Also, the season finales of V and Fringe! » 5/17/10 9:00am 5/17/10 9:00am