We, Frankenstein: The Deeper Meaning of the Frankenstein-vs-Demons Film

Kevin Grevioux has had a long career acting in science fiction TV shows and movies, and he also created the story that became Underworld. And now, he's created I, Frankenstein, the story of Mary Shelley's artificial human fighting in a war between gargoyles and demons. He explains to us where this story came from, and… »1/23/14 12:40pm1/23/14 12:40pm


Australia's answer to The Hunger Games will leave you hungry

Tomorrow, When The War Began is based on a famous series of Australian books about naughty Asians invading Oz. But the timing of the movie's Stateside release obviously has more to do with Hunger Games fever — here's another film about a group of teenagers dealing with an apocalyptic, dystopian scenario, featuring a… »2/24/12 12:00pm2/24/12 12:00pm

The Master Chief Zooms Up Out Of The Darkness, But Will Microsoft Push Him Back Down?

Will Microsoft finally pull its foot off the brake and let a big-screen Halo movie go forward? Maybe, once the suits see this concept art of the Master Chief and his troops zooming upwards, by concept artist Hasra Farahani. The art goes with Stuart Beattie's spec script, which is based »8/04/08 7:30pm8/04/08 7:30pm on the best-selling novel.…