The Walking Dead's Costume Designer on Dressing Women for World's End


Life during a zombie apocalypse can get pretty grim. Between roving bands of undead walkers trying to snack on your grey matter and feral humans roasting each other into lunch meat, there's precious little time to think about how you actually look. Eulyn Womble, the Costume Designer for The Walking Dead, is charged… » 10/24/14 1:45pm 10/24/14 1:45pm

Which Fictional Character's Style Do You Most Want to Steal?

Whether wearing a cape or a classic deerstalker cap, fictional characters always seem to have the best wardrobes. Today, we want to know which fictional character has the style that you most want to steal. » 11/11/13 7:00am 11/11/13 7:00am

William Gibson's Pattern Recognition Is A "Stealth Fashion Bible"

Coolhunter Cayce Pollard, from William Gibson's Pattern Recognition, is the strangest kind of fashion icon, writes Kat at invisible, allergic to brands, impenetrable. "She stands for the ultimate rejection of the Fashion Industrial Complex," but she also defines style. » 11/06/09 3:09pm 11/06/09 3:09pm