No, This Artificially Intelligent Super Mario Is Not Self-Aware

German researchers have created a version of Nintendo's Super Mario Advance in which the videogame hero can learn and venture through the game according to his "feelings." It's an exciting advance, but the claim that Super Mario is now "self-aware" is grossly overstated. » 1/20/15 9:40am 1/20/15 9:40am

9 Philosophical Thought Experiments That Will Keep You Up at Night

Sometimes, the best way to illustrate a complicated philosophical concept is by framing it as a story or situation. Here are nine such thought experiments with downright disturbing implications. » 9/18/13 10:00am 9/18/13 10:00am

Why you probably won’t experience your own traumatic death

Ever wonder what it would be like to get shot in the head, or have your face smash into a car's windshield? Well, you can stop wondering, because you'll never know — even if it does happen to you. » 6/07/12 3:01pm 6/07/12 3:01pm