They Live IRL: Australian politician calls opponent a "jerk off" in…

Subliminal campaign advertisements are a staple of dystopian science fiction, but trust reality to send the electorate a hidden message so nefarious it'd make Orwell spin in his grave. » 8/21/12 6:25am 8/21/12 6:25am

Fear of a Chocolate Planet

In the lonely days after he'd packed in his bionics from Six Million Dollar Man, Lee Majors starred in a freaky flick called Agency. Released in 1980, after a decade of hallucinatory presidential shenanigans in the United States, the movie is about an evil advertising agency controlled by the U.S. government. Their… » 6/19/08 11:23pm 6/19/08 11:23pm

Marvel Surrenders to Cheesy "Lost" Crossover Marketing

Wondering just how many references there are to ABC's Lost in recent Marvel comic books, as per ABC's mysterious advertising deal with the publisher? Fansite Find 815 has posted a gallery of all of the known ones to date, and the answer turns out to be "More than you expected." When does viral marketing become overly… » 2/01/08 6:15am 2/01/08 6:15am