Summer Glau Is Pals With Her Giant Robot Co-Star In This Mockumentary

Summer Glau is in tons of science fiction shows and movies, but how does she interact with her non-human co-stars when the cameras stop rolling? The fun new web series Jeff 1000 follows a 10-foot tall robot actor who hangs out with Glau both at work and in their private time. » 12/17/14 1:20pm 12/17/14 1:20pm

Summer Glau Tells io9 About Her New Robot Best Friend, Jeff 1000

Summer Glau played one of our favorite robots in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Now she's starring in a new webseries, Jeff 1000, about a former industrial robot who wants to break into acting. Here's your exclusive first look at the trailer. Plus Glau told us what she would have done in T:SCC season three. » 12/10/14 10:52am 12/10/14 10:52am

Summer Glau is ready for boardroom battle in latest Arrow images

Arrow kicks off its second season on October 9th with a new, but familiar face. Summer Glau joins the cast and has an icy glare at the ready. » 9/22/13 8:00am 9/22/13 8:00am

Meet Arrow‘s new Black Canary in the first season 2 trailer

The good news: Arrow is back in action after a long hiatus, and I'm refering both to the character and the surprisingly awesome TV series, which returns on October 9th. The other good news: We get our first look at the new (third?) Black Canary in action in this Comic-Con trailer (the new stuff starts at about 1:22). » 7/21/13 9:00am 7/21/13 9:00am

An Exclusive First Look at Tonight's Moment of Summer Glau Awesomeness

Summer Glau has a new catchphrase, "Happiness is a warm gun" — and the resourcefulness to back it up, in this exclusive clip from tonight's episode of Alphas. Too bad she's up against someone who has special abilities of his own — and she's trapped in an inescapable maze thingy. How will Summer Glau rescue her… » 10/15/12 6:30am 10/15/12 6:30am

Knights of Badassdom still has no release date

People keep writing to us and begging for news about Knights of Badassdom, the movie about RPG nerds fighting actual monsters that stars Summer Glau and Peter Dinklage. So we asked around... and there's no news. Basically, the movie still has no release date. We will definitely let you know when we hear any more… » 5/11/12 3:20pm 5/11/12 3:20pm

Summer Glau guest stars on Alphas as a one-woman R&D department

Last night's Alphas — "Catch and Release" — gave us a brief appearance by Summer Glau as Skylar, Nina's partying buddy turned government fugitive. In this episode, Skylar's a technosavant who can invent futuristic devices using household devices within minutes. In short, she's a modern Ada Lovelace with Siouxsie… » 8/23/11 7:20pm 8/23/11 7:20pm

Why Knights of Badassdom is the ultimate adventure movie

We recently talked to Knights of Badassdom director Joe Lynch, who showed us new footage from his LARPing-meets-demons movie. He explained why this movie avoids CGI, what genre this is, and why this is the most authentic LARPing movie ever. » 7/28/11 2:21pm 7/28/11 2:21pm

Knights of Badassdom footage shows off Peter Dinklage's drugged up,…

Last night's Knights of Badassdom panel didn't just unveil the movie's trailer; we also got to see a clip showcasing Peter Dinklage's fake sword-fighting prowess. We also learned just who all the characters are in this faux-medieval adventure comedy. » 7/24/11 1:00pm 7/24/11 1:00pm

Have Summer Glau and Peter Dinklage made the greatest movie ever?

Move over Spider-Man — this movie is guaranteed to make fandom explode. Behold The Knights of Badassdom starring Summer Glau, Peter Dinklage, Ryan Kwanten, and Danny Pudi. This is going to be amazing. » 7/05/11 4:30pm 7/05/11 4:30pm

Seriously, there's no such thing as a "Summer Glau Curse."

It seems to be semi-official that The Cape has been dry-cleaned and folded for the last time. And we've heard people talking about a "Summer Glau Curse," in which no power in the 'verse can keep her on the air. » 3/07/11 1:49pm 3/07/11 1:49pm

The Cape crosses over from campy to creepy, and it's a beautiful thing

Last night's episode of The Cape was just as caricaturish and exaggerated as all the previous installments — but this time, there was a hefty dose of creepiness instead of just silliness. And Summer Glau got to play River Tam! » 2/22/11 8:30am 2/22/11 8:30am

The Cape's first season is cut short — and Summer Glau-centric episodes…

You're going to have to start reading aloud from the comic-book version of The Cape yourself, because the television show isn't sticking around for as long as originally planned. NBC has slashed its order for the show's first season from 13 episodes to 10 episodes. Add to that the show's continuing weak ratings, and… » 2/02/11 8:30am 2/02/11 8:30am

Catchphrases from The Cape That You'll Be Repeating All Day

A runaway train full of costumed lunatics made for a weirdly entertaining episode of The Cape, but it's also a great metaphor for the show itself. Here are all the catchphrases from last night's episode that you'll need to memorize. » 1/25/11 8:30am 1/25/11 8:30am

Our newest superhero is totally naked under his cape

The Cape is totally ludicrous and silly, but there's something kind of lovable about a show that believes in pulp archetypes so much that its characters are nothing else. What is The Cape, under his cape? He's naked. Spoilers ahead... » 1/18/11 8:30am 1/18/11 8:30am

If The Cape is really our new hero, then America is doomed

Superheroes have often served as metaphors for American power. In World War II, they punched Hitler. In the Vietnam era, they agonized. And so on. So what does The Cape, NBC's latest superhero show, say about America? Basically, we're screwed. » 1/10/11 11:53am 1/10/11 11:53am

Sarah Connor Chronicles Writer on Reuniting with Summer Glau

John Wirth was one of the main writers for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and now he's showrunner of NBC's The Cape, launching Sunday. We caught up with him to ask about moving from killer robots to supervillains. Spoilers ahead... » 1/07/11 2:43pm 1/07/11 2:43pm

The sexiest Subway product placement you're ever likely to see

What sort of foot-long sandwich does Summer Glau like? Find out in quasi-pornographic detail, involving a thigh-knife, in this clip from last night's Chuck. Which also guest-starred Rob Riggle as that guy from The Daily Show. Spoilers ahead! » 11/16/10 8:30am 11/16/10 8:30am

Watch the Cape in full-blown cheesy superhero action: "I will not stop…

How cornball will The Cape, NBC's new Batman-esque superhero show, get? Just watch these two new TV spots that aired during Sunday Night Football. One-liners, smoke bombs, acrobatics, and circus folk. What do you think: Guilty pleasure, or shared pain? » 11/15/10 6:40am 11/15/10 6:40am

The high cost of being River Tam's stunt double

"Baby Doll" Riley was a stunt-double in Watchmen, Serenity and Catwoman. ActionFlickChick interviews her about skimpy superhero-outfits and the head-injury she sustained as River Tam. Saddest bit: her memory's bad because "I've been hit in the head quite a bit." » 11/12/10 10:41am 11/12/10 10:41am