Summer Glau Tells io9 About Her New Robot Best Friend, Jeff 1000

Summer Glau played one of our favorite robots in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Now she's starring in a new webseries, Jeff 1000, about a former industrial robot who wants to break into acting. Here's your exclusive first look at the trailer. Plus Glau told us what she would have done in T:SCC season three. »12/10/14 1:52pm12/10/14 1:52pm

Meet Arrow‘s new Black Canary in the first season 2 trailer

The good news: Arrow is back in action after a long hiatus, and I'm refering both to the character and the surprisingly awesome TV series, which returns on October 9th. The other good news: We get our first look at the new (third?) Black Canary in action in this Comic-Con trailer (the new stuff starts at about 1:22). »7/21/13 12:00pm7/21/13 12:00pm

An Exclusive First Look at Tonight's Moment of Summer Glau Awesomeness

Summer Glau has a new catchphrase, "Happiness is a warm gun" — and the resourcefulness to back it up, in this exclusive clip from tonight's episode of Alphas. Too bad she's up against someone who has special abilities of his own — and she's trapped in an inescapable maze thingy. How will Summer Glau rescue her… »10/15/12 9:30am10/15/12 9:30am

Summer Glau guest stars on Alphas as a one-woman R&D department

Last night's Alphas — "Catch and Release" — gave us a brief appearance by Summer Glau as Skylar, Nina's partying buddy turned government fugitive. In this episode, Skylar's a technosavant who can invent futuristic devices using household devices within minutes. In short, she's a modern Ada Lovelace with Siouxsie… »8/23/11 10:20pm8/23/11 10:20pm

The Cape's first season is cut short — and Summer Glau-centric episodes may be sacrificed

You're going to have to start reading aloud from the comic-book version of The Cape yourself, because the television show isn't sticking around for as long as originally planned. NBC has slashed its order for the show's first season from 13 episodes to 10 episodes. Add to that the show's continuing weak ratings, and… »2/02/11 11:30am2/02/11 11:30am