Mystical Phenomena Haunt Two Women in the Trailer for H. 

Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia's H. will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival Sunday, January 25th. They've already won a Film Independent Spirit Awards' "Someone To Watch Award" based on the strenght of H. And it is a doozy of a tale, following two women named Helen and the eerie events that follow them… »1/14/15 7:30am1/14/15 7:30am


Life After Beth Fails To Inject New Life Into The "Zombie Comedy" Genre

At this point, "zombie comedy" has become a movie genre in its own right, thanks to films like Shaun of the Dead and Fido. And the latest addition is Life After Beth, about a young man whose dead girlfriend (Aubrey Plaza) comes back. Alas, Beth is not quite funny enough, or clever enough, to stand out from the zombie… »8/14/14 4:40pm8/14/14 4:40pm

I Origins Shows That The Science Vs. Spirituality Debate Is Played Out

Writer-director Mike Cahill made an impression with Another Earth, which used a science-fiction premise as the backdrop for a personal story. In his second feature, I Origins, the science-fictional premise is front and center — and you can see the downside of trying to tell a personal story about huge science-fiction… »7/18/14 5:30pm7/18/14 5:30pm

Decoding The Hidden Meaning Of The Signal, The New Indie Film Sensation

The Signal has been getting crazy buzz ever since it rocked Sundance. And now that this movie about computer geeks in a terrifying situation is coming out next Friday, we're finally getting inside the mysterious bunker of doom. We talked to director William Eubank about the meaning behind his strange film. Spoilers… »6/06/14 3:05pm6/06/14 3:05pm

A Free Preview Screening Of This Year's Sundance Rave The Signal

Three young geeks travel in the desert, looking for clues to the location of the legendary hacker Nomad, but find something... weirder. The Signal got rave reviews at Sundance, and if you're in San Francisco you can see a free preview screening of this Twilight Zone-esque thriller next Thursday the 29th at 7:30 PM. »5/21/14 7:30pm5/21/14 7:30pm

Sundance Roundup Part 2: The Indie Movies Everyone is Buzzing About

The Sundance film festival is slowly inching towards its close, and there are more candidates for "year's most exciting indie movie." You've already seen our first breakdown of this year's exciting science fiction and fantasy movies. Now, here's the last collection of indie movie standouts (and fall-downs) that the… »1/23/14 4:22pm1/23/14 4:22pm

Shane Carruth's new movie could leave you even more bewildered than Primer

Nine years ago, writer-director Shane Carruth left Sundance in awe with Primer, a time travel film that was simple in production but insanely complex in its plot. Primer took a basic set-up, a time machine, and managed to turn a low-budget film into one of the smartest, and also scientific jargon-filled movies in… »1/22/13 5:00pm1/22/13 5:00pm

Watch Sundance's completely insane collection of short films right now

This year Sundance has decided to bring their odd little short film collection straight to the masses. The film festival has created a YouTube channel that is hosting a collection of their participating short films online, and there is some seriously amazing stuff in the mix including one completely insane… »1/21/13 11:20am1/21/13 11:20am

Ask the Director of Sundance Sensation Robot and Frank Any Question You Want

Jake Schreier directed Robot and Frank, our favorite movie from Sundance 2012 — and now he's here to answer your questions. Want to know how Schreier went about creating an indie movie about a former burglar's relationship with his robot companion? Or how hard it was to create a convincing robot character on film?… »8/15/12 2:00pm8/15/12 2:00pm

The time-travel comedy Safety Not Guaranteed worked better as an internet meme

During Hollywood's golden era, it was common for a picture (they called 'em pictures back then) to be based on a popular stage play. It still happens, but rarely. The biggest and most visible movies are based on comic books these days (they called 'em graphic novels back then, they'll say of us) but maybe we're about… »1/27/12 12:05pm1/27/12 12:05pm

Beasts of the Southern Wild is beautiful, operatic and filled with rampaging ice age creatures

The Beasts of the Southern Wild is very much one of the most buzzed films at Sundance right now. Everyone either loves it or respects it greatly. Whether or not this movie about a young girl facing a flood and terrible hog-monsters catches on with a wider audience remains to be seen — but I feel confident saying that… »1/24/12 4:27pm1/24/12 4:27pm