These Astronauts Will be the First to Launch With SpaceX and Boeing

NASA Thursday named the first four astronauts who will fly on the first U.S. commercial spaceflights in private crew transportation vehicles being built by Boeing and SpaceX – marking a major milestone towards restoring American human launches to U.S. soil as soon as mid-2017, if all goes well. »7/10/15 2:30pm7/10/15 2:30pm


This in-depth tour of the International Space Station is just excellent

Look, we get it. Twenty-five minutes can feel like an eternity when you're browsing the internet, which is why I was initially reluctant to press play on this video of astronaut Sunita (Sunny) Williams giving an exhaustive tour of the International Space Station — a video she made on her last day aboard the orbital… »1/16/13 4:40pm1/16/13 4:40pm

Incredible photo of Earth and the ISS reflected in an astronaut's helmet

When he wasn't busy using a toothbrush to fix the International Space Station on his recent spacewalk, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Aki Hoshide snapped a self-portrait that didn't reveal his face, but captured a whole lot more. In addition to himself and the sun behind him, Hoshide managed to… »9/23/12 2:00pm9/23/12 2:00pm