The Problem Of Games Being Art, But Also Products

Tale of Tales, who most recently released the excellent Sunset—but who were also behind games like The Path and The Endless Forest—have decided to stop making and releasing commercial (in the most literal sense, as in available for sale) video games, announcing the news with an honest and confronting blog post that… »6/22/15 6:00am6/22/15 6:00am

The Space Station Has 15 Sunsets A Day, And All Are Beautiful

The International Space Station goes through a full day in 92 minutes, each with its own sunrise and sunset. The Earth's atmosphere acts as a prism, bending rays of sunlight to paint the station in a quick succession of rich colours. Astronaut Butch Wilmore photographed how the light changes on a solar array. »11/18/14 4:23pm11/18/14 4:23pm

This is what happens when a seagull steals your videocamera while you're trying to film a sunset

Incidentally, the result is way cooler than anything you could shoot on your own: a gorgeous San Francisco sunset, as seen through the eyes of a thieving sea-bird. The view's a little askew, but it's beautiful, nonetheless. You'll want to watch this one in full screen, 1080p, for the full effect. »9/14/12 4:20pm9/14/12 4:20pm