Golden Age Superheroines Who Were As Awesome As Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman gets all the attention as comic's pre-eminent superheroine, but there are plenty of other female crimefighters worthy of our attention — even back in the Golden Age of comics. Here are 20 more wonderful women heroes you should know. » 3/09/15 1:10pm 3/09/15 1:10pm

The Justice League Movie Needs Women, Stat.

Can we be real for a moment? As a run-of-the mill DC Comics fan, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the follow-up film to Man of Steel, has been quite the shitshow. With recent (unconfirmed but totally happening) news that Jason Momoa has been cast as Aquaman and the casting of Ray Fisher as Cyborg (a purportedly… » 6/15/14 7:41pm 6/15/14 7:41pm

Was "Ju-jitsu Girl" the first ever super-heroine?

In real life, Florence Gardiner (c. 1891-?) was a pioneering advocate of Asian martial arts as feminist self defense. Her theatrical and literary alter ego, "Florence 'Flossie' Le Mar, the Ju-Jitsu Girl" may just qualify as one of the first superheroines. » 12/22/13 6:28pm 12/22/13 6:28pm

On their day off, DC superheroines play Dungeons & Dragons

Even superheroes like to pretend to be someone else from time to time and imagine going on different adventures. Artist Kyle Latino gives us this cheerful image of DC's all-girl gaming group. » 3/16/13 2:00pm 3/16/13 2:00pm

The women of Marvel wear their flowing, formal costume attire

Art nouveau heroines are the latest trend among fan artists, but Hanie Mohd has added a fashionable touch, draping Marvel's superheroines in long, flowing dresses based on their slim-fitting costumes. » 12/16/12 3:00pm 12/16/12 3:00pm

The Hawkeye Initiative redraws absurd superheroine poses with Hawkeye

We've seen a lot of clever responses to the spine-twisting, butt-baring poses so many female comic book characters are subjected to, but the Hawkeye Initiative is particularly fun. Their mission: to take those particularly awful poses and replace the female characters with Hawkeye. » 12/02/12 11:30am 12/02/12 11:30am

DC superladies don sweaters for cold-weather crimefighting

Don't superheroes ever get cold? I suppose that spandex might be specially formulated to regulate temperature, but that still doesn't help with bare-armed superwomen who fly the frigid skies or run through the chilly streets fighting (or committing) crime. These ladies from the DC Universe decide to bundle up instead… » 3/25/12 7:00am 3/25/12 7:00am

Corset-wearing superwomen from the Age of Steam

If superheroines found themselves fighting crime in the year 1887, would they trade in their spandex for corsets and petticoats? Artist Michael Dooney transports familiar females back to the Victorian era, and gives each one a new costume design. » 3/18/12 9:30am 3/18/12 9:30am

Who's More Powerful: Spider-Woman or Spider-Man?

Next month, Spider-Woman will get a little love again with the Oct. 13 release of the DVD » 9/25/08 4:20pm 9/25/08 4:20pm . No, it doesn’t quite stack up to the whopping franchise—but then what heroine’s spoils ever have? Are these hard-working ladies unfairly undervalued despite their occupational hazards? We've got a report on how a handful of…